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Kathryn (New Client, after three sessions) -- "When I called you I felt overwhelmed with all the clutter and many unfinished projects in my home.  I was afraid of subjecting myself to the judgment of a 'professional.'  But now that you've been in my home several times working with me, I am so relieved!  I've started the process, and already I see long-term benefits to changes in my household systems.  I'm so excited . . . "

Stephanie (Single Mom) -- "Organizing was always the thing at the end of my 'To Do List' that I never got to, until I set up an appointment to work with a professional organizer.  Working with Gail helped me accomplish more because I was focused the whole time she was there, on the task at hand - organizing.  I handled interruptions quickly so we could make the best use of our time, and with two of us working we could do almost twice as much!  I saw a lot of progress instead of just making a 'dent' in the mess, which was all I ever did when I worked alone.  Working with a professional organizer helped me whenever I reached those stuck places of not knowing where to start or what to do with something.  Gail asked me questions so she could analyze the situation and break it down into bite-size pieces.  She recommended where we should start and what the next steps would be.  If I wasn't sure what to do with an item she taught me a few questions that would help me make a decision:  Do I use this item? Do I want to store this item?  If the answer is 'no' to either question, then I have to decide if I want to give it away or throw it away.  Working with Gail helped me keep moving forward toward real organization, and I stopped wasting time being stuck in uncertainty and indecision."

Pete (Small Business, Home Office) -- "Gail Newton has done an excellent, effective job in helping me organize my office. I have benefited greatly from her experience, focus, and willingness to do the sometimes difficult work of pulling apart and analyzing logjams, toward the creation of simple, efficient systems that work. David Newton has also shown a lot of ingenuity and thought in helping create workable solutions to my unique requirements. Both are very pleasant, dependable, and easy to work with. My many-faceted small business now works a lot better, thanks to them, and I am quite optimistic that I can stay organized!"

Cindy (Working Mom) -- "David and Gail worked with me throughout the summer helping me get my house in order.  Their expertise and support of the project helped me accomplish what I believed to be an overwhelming undertaking.  They acted as consultants, mentors, laborers, teachers, and supporters.  I gladly recommend YOUR HOUSE IN ORDER as a way to fulfill your desire to have your house (office, garage, LIFE, etc.) in order."

Nancy (Retired Senior) -- "When I found myself knee-deep in clutter, and kept repeating 'Tomorrow I'll get this organized' (a promise I made myself everyday!), along came Gail and David, the answer to my promises.  Gail really knows how to set a kitchen in good order.  When she was done even the insides of my dish cabinet looked attractive when opened.  Even my married daughter was impressed.  David has the precious and uncanny ability to take a mishmash of clutter and turn it into orderly storage.  When he was done I suddenly found I had a lot more space!!  Gail and David are both loving and honest people, and I never hesitated giving them the key to my house so that they could come and work at times most convenient to them (I was living away from home for awhile).  They are miracle workers, and I recommend them VERY HIGHLY!

Kathryn (Organized Client, after six months) -- "I wanted to tell you how much I appreciated the organization lessons and efforts you both made in my home over a 6 month period. ... For so many years I struggled with trying to get "on top" of the clutter in my house. I thought surely I was smart enough to have a plan and stick to it. I thought there was something innately wrong with me that I couldn't manage to keep control. I went to organization workshops. I even had a pile of organization books, tapes and videos that seemed to mock me when I saw them on the shelf. ... It was hard for me to call an expert to walk me through a job I felt I "should" be able to handle myself. But I am so glad that I put aside my pride. ... Together we reorganized so many areas in my house, and the greatest news to me is that here - one year later - they are still organized. You had me explain my lifestyle to the point that the house functions to meet my family's needs. You taught me how to train the other family members. You taught me how to think in practical organization terms - ones that apply to MY lifestyle - not something written in a book. Organizing has allowed my mind to be free of cobwebs too. Thank you for teaching me new ways to think."

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