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Gail and David Newton � of Your House in Order � have been professional organizers for over fifteen years, serving clients in northern Colorado. They have achieved Golden Circle status as members of NAPO (the National Association of Professional Organizers) and in 2004 the Newtons were recognized in the award-winning magazine Real Simple.  Recently Gail began writing for the local newspaper, a column called "Ask the Organizer."

From a business based in Greeley, Colorado, the Newtons have accumulated over twenty five years combined experience in the field as organizing professionals. Among professional organizers, Your House in Order is distinctive: to meet the needs of the individual client, David and Gail work separately in their unique talents, or together as a team, to complement each other's skills, which allows them to work in a customized way to achieve optimum results for those who "order" their services.
Gail Newton Gail's multi-faceted background in business � previously in custom home design, real estate sales, and office management � and especially her experience in life coaching, all serve to benefit the work she does for others in their homes and offices. Gail does on-site professional organizing in any room you have � office, kitchen, closets, basement � you just name the space. As a personal coach she can work with you � to analyze your unique situation, and also help you develop a good time management system, with tools that work especially well for you. As a motivational speaker, Gail is able to transfer her expertise through talks on almost any aspect of organization.
Prior to his career in professional organizing, David was most well-known as a professional artist. The visual and ordered aspects of painting translated amazingly well for him into the frame of his next career as a professional organizer. David has the special ability to walk into situations of complete chaos, and transform things into good order, and do all this in a calming spirit. Those who have used the services of Your House in Order are pleasantly surprised at, and grateful for, the gifts and qualities David brings to the art of organizing. In recent years David's specializations have expanded, from working mostly with chronic disorganization to include the best in garage organization.

Are you someone looking for a little relief from chaos, or a whole new lifestyle of order? Whether you want to get your whole house organized, or get clear about your very crowded calendar; whether you need to put that pile of papers in order, or tap in to the expertise of a professional about how and where to start, Your House in Order can help you . . . give you a boost, or work with you to develop a comprehensive professionally designed plan.

BE ENCOURAGED: If you're not organized, and want to get organized, and truly commit to this goal, this will be the first best step you take in the right direction to reach the goals you make for the rest of your life.

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