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"TEAMWORK WORKS!" in Getting Organized*

©2005, Gail Monk Newton

What makes a team concept work in getting organized?

1. Two are better than one.
The client often feels alone and overwhelmed. When the professional organizer shows up, the professional says "You're not alone. We're in this together."

2. Two are better than one.
A client can learn more from the professional organizer than they have already learned from reading organizing books and/or from trying to do things on their own. In the process of coaching, the client listens, observes, and actively assists through hands-on participation, helping to put into place the system most ideal for them.

3. Two are better than one.
The client can get more as a result when they participate in the process with the organizer in getting organized.  Two heads are better than one, creating more ideas and options for better results, and four hands are often better than two.  More hands than four might be even better.

How can the team concept get better with more members on the team?

1. Two PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZERS working together for you may be better than one.
Two organizers can model teamwork for you, as they demonstrate how they work well together.

2. Two working together for you may be better than one.
Two organizers working together can reinforce more positive things, in essence "ganging up" for you with greater momentum and multiplied messages of hope.

3. Two working together for you may be better than one.
Two professional organizers working with you brings three personalities together, each investing diverse strengths to counteract weaknesses which exist. The mix of personalities (e.g. of teacher and friend, of soft and firm, sometimes even differences of gender) might be a more effective combination, benefiting you in ways not yet imagined.

4. Two working together for you may be better than one.
Two organizers can also work one at a time, or in separate locations, offering the most flexibility and options, with you choosing whatever works best FOR YOU.

One important philosophy we believe in
You choose and use what works best for you!

* Gift certificates are available for you, and for others who may want to help and stimulate motivation for the one who might not get started without a special gift of incentive and encouragement. Consider giving the gift of organization to someone you care about today! Cheerleaders only make the team better!

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