What We Can Offer You . . . David & Gail Newton

The most valuable thing we have to offer is information information accumulated through years of both education and experience. We can provide this information, and onsite support, to you in multiple forms. You, the client, choose what works best for you which can be . . .

Work Assignments

Hands-on jobs working side-by-side with you:  These sessions are best for the client who wants to be very involved, in a learn-as-you-go process, with the big picture in mind. This may be a project of any size, or multiple projects. The principles and techniques you learn through this processing will transfer into more and more aspects of order and organization, and all this comes together to transform your life.

Delegated work assignments are where we do the work for you: These sessions work best for the client who prefers minimal involvement. Contact with clients on this level takes place whenever possible, by phone or in person, for matters of simple review and consultation.

Personal Coaching

One-on-one work with an organizing coach can take place in person on site or off site (coaching off site by phone or by meeting appointment).


Small to large group workshops may be offered in specific community situations.  Starting in 2008 and continuing, House in Order offers community workshops monthly in Greeley, with different topics featured throughout the year.  (Follow the link below.)

Gift Certificates

Yes!  How about giving a boost to someone that's stuck, or the treat of working with a professional organizer to someone you love?  Gift certificates are a great gift idea for birthdays, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, and Christmas (which may fit nicely with the recipient's New Year's resolution!), or just for telling someone you care and want to help them get started.

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