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Which aspect of disorganization describes your specific needs?
Time Management
I just can't get everything on my list done.  It seems like I never finish the projects I start.
I'm always late.
I keep missing or forgetting appointments.

Paper Management
I obviously don't have a system.
My system isn't working and I can't find important papers/bills when I want them. (This might be reflected in late payments/taxes.)
I hate processing mail, filing, etc.
My papers feel so messy to me.

Home Management
Everything isn't in its place because I don't have a place for everything.
My kitchen is not the most efficient place to work.
I have one or more rooms closed off because of clutter.
I pray no one opens up that one closet.
I'd love to have a neat and organized garage . . . to come home to, work in, walk through.
The whole place just feels so cluttered!

Space Analysis
I'm not sure I'm making the best use of space.
Nothing seems to be where it works for me.
I have some rooms that don't feel quite right to me.
Actually, everything feels out of order here.
I'm thinking about buying a bigger house/renting a storage unit.

Do any of these things seem out of order to you . . . costing you time, money, and, especially, peace of mind?

Then let us help you get your house in order!  The results will be rewarding for you . . . and for those who care about you.

Call Your House in Order today (970) 351-8682.

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